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    Post by Redick on Tue Apr 24, 2007 6:16 am

    Hello this is the Rules for the Advertising and the Advertising exchange on PowerPassion.com

    First the Advertising service:

    we have 3 advertising systems:
    first system is to put a topic on the advertising contain all the information the person want to make the advertisment and it will be desgined with the adminstration and it will cost 60L.E per month.

    second system is to put the advertising topic beside giving him the permission to put in his signture the advertisment he wants and this system will cost 80L.E per month.

    third system is to have the advertsing topic beside having the permission of the signature and have the rank (PowerPassion Sponser) and a bannar will be taken from the user or a one will be designed for him if you hasn't one and this system will cost 120L.E per month.

    Second the Advertsing exchange service :
    Advertsing exchange is allowed with powerpassion till now but for a while and after a period of time will not be allowed becuase it will be harmful to powerpassion so this is your chance now to make the adversting exchange to apply for an advertising service prs on this Private message Bottom to send a message to Firestrom the webmaster of powerpassion containing a way of conatacting like mobile number of mail adress and the system you want to choose and your bannar if you have and if you want to apply for adverting exchange send your link for your bannar and your bannar picture and you have to take first the bannar of powerpassion and the webmaster will check for this from the link of your site you will send to him in the message...best regards
    PowerPassion Adminstration

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